Trade – Sale of Materials and Tools

The "ENERGO–METAL" Technical Centre focuses on selling construction materials for processing and technical goods for building and repairing machines and tools and technical equipment of production lines. We offer the service to maintenance service of industrial plants, service workshops and individual customers.

You can place your order by phone and get your goods delivered to your premises.

Construction Materials

We offer a wide range of machining materials including round or square or flat bars made of quality steel such as:

  • hot-work or cold-work tool steel,
  • hardening and toughening steel,
  • carburizing and nitriding steel,
  • spring steel, bearing steel, high-speed steel,

We also sell goods made of construction and stainless steel as well as of the following:

  • aluminium and its alloys (duralumin),
  • copper, brass and bronze,

in the following forms: cold sheets, perforated sheets and chequer plates, pipes, shapes and closed sections.

The company also offers the following kinds of plastics in forms of plates and bars:

  • polyamides, polypropylenes and polyethylenes,
  • polycarbonates, plexiglass and PVC,
  • teflon and textolit.

You can order the materials in any size and shapes cut out with the use of a guilottine, a saw or CNC plasma and gas cutting-off machine.

Our current offer

Technical Goods and Tools

In the offer of our Technical Centre you can also find technical goods and tools indispensable for manual metalworking as well as a wide range of equipment used in building and repairing machinery and industrial facilities, especially the following:

  • abrasives for steel cutting and grinding,
  • welding wires and specialist electrodes,
  • adhesives, silicones, paints and machine cleaning and maintenance liquids,
  • basic oils and lubricating mediums and metalworking emulsions,
  • screws, nuts, washers, pins, screw plugs etc.,
  • wheels, flanges, hand-rails, hinges, stoppers, handles etc.,
  • transport rollers and balls, feeder systems.


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Trade – sale of materials and tools

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