Industrial energy systems

Building and maintenance of energy systems

We provide an extensive service in building and industrial repairs of the following systems:

  • electrical systems – electrical light, power and control systems,
  • water, heat and technology systems,
  • compressed air systems and gas fittings.

We provide periodical surveys of energy systems in accordance with the law regulations. Thanks to our own generators and compressors and other specialist facilities we are able to do our maintenance work where there is a temporary power failure.

Measurement and Control Work

Our company takes protective and operating measurements of energy systems and equipment such as acceptance, immediate and routine tests including the following:

  • insulation resistance and resistance to earth,
  • efficiency of electric shock protection,
  • leakproofness of gas fittings and technology systems.

We evaluate the technical condition of a system taking into account its operational safety according to the building regulations in force. The tests are performed by highly skilled and properly qualified workers with professional measuring instruments.

Courses and Qualifying Exams

We organize and run foundation courses for qualifying exams for supervision and maintenance people dealing with system and energy facilities maintenance such as service, repairs, assembly and measurement and control work.

The classes are taught by experienced specialists of building and maintenance of energy systems and devices. At the end of a course students take an exam before a qualification board appointed by the Polish Energy Regulatory Office, which has certified the workers of our company.


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