Metalworking and Plastics Treatment


We provide service in machining elements made of steel, aluminium, brass, bronze and plastics on our own machines in the following range of parameters:


  • Conventional turning - Ømax = 500mm, Lmax = 1000mm
  • CNC turning - Ømax = 300mm, Lmax = 380mm


  • Conventional milling – maximum overall dimensions of detail 1300x450x500, maximum weight 1t.
  • CNC milling – maximum overall dimensions of detail 800x540x620, maximum weight 850kg
  • Gear milling - Ømax = 350mm, maximum width = 300mm, maximum module = 6


  • Shafts - Ømax = 250mm, Lmax = 1500mm
  • Openings - Ømax = 250mm, Lmax = 250mm
  • Planes – maximum overall dimensions of detail outline = 1000x320x400mm


  • Ømax = 30mm, maximum depth = 300mm

CNC electromachining

  • Non-contact wire and sink EDM – maximum overall dimensions of detail = 550x350x250mm

Heat treatment

  • Hardening,
  • tempering,
  • carbonizing,
  • drawback treatment and annealing,
  • maximum overall dimensions of furnace interior = 400x250x550mm, maximum temperature = 1280oC

We make and renovate spare parts and sub-assemblies for machines and facilities as well as for injection moulds, stamping and punching devices, especially such elements as:

  • device plates, punches, knock-outs,
  • shafts, splined shafts, splines,
  • gear wheels, toothed bars, worms, wormwheels,
  • pulleys, chain wheels,
  • slide bearings, couplings etc.

Our service is provided with the use of our materials or those entrusted to us by our customers.

Our own technology office allows us to work out the necessary specification sheet.


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